You are truly heroes

You are truly heroes!

First and foremost, thank you to all those on the front lines of treating those inflicted with COVID-19, as well as continuing to meet the range of care needs of those in your communities. You are truly heroes!

As advisors to many communities helping guide decisions on all aspects of this industry, as well as a management firm that oversees multiple communities, we are very much aware of the day to day impacts and reactions of the current crisis, while also understanding the need to keep the mid and long view in focus. Along with you, we have experienced the immediate need and search for supplies, confusion over ever changing protocols, the concern of staffing—and impacts on your staff due to school closures and social distancing protocol—and challenges of marketing and needing to close sales to move projects forward or continue to generate revenue in this moment of great uncertainty and necessary sacrifice. Solutions are not easy to come by in this time.

With that in mind—and knowing you already are running short on time before you must return to focusing on COVID-19—the attached document provides a brief download of potential resources, sharing of thoughts, and advice/information that we have found useful and we hope also can be useful and helpful to you in this moment.

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