WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY “We couldn’t be happier with the results we have achieved partnering with OnePoint. I appreciate how they really sought to understand Edgewood’s vision and mission, and collaborated so well with senior management and our board to find creative strategies that matched our unique situation. Their deep understanding of all aspects of the nonprofit senior living sector combined with their unique alliance with us made them an invaluable partner to our success. I am so grateful having OnePoint as a trusted advisor to Edgewood as we continue our journey towards positively impacting the industry and those we serve.”

– Marlene Rotering, CEO – Edgewood Senior Solutions Group (North Andover, MA)

A trusted advisor and strategic partner, not a consultant. At When you work with OnePoint, expect more than a one-size-fits-all approach. Every engagement starts with thoughtful discovery and a thorough needs assessment to best understand your organization’s vision, unique circumstances, and the right path forward

Our approach is intentionally different from more traditional “consulting” firms; it is accelerated, keeps leadership engaged, provides output more quickly, is supported by analysis, and allows for more efficient, informed, and confident decision-making. And we never lose site of the fact that we are “invited guests” into your communities, asked to help your organization chart the path forward.