Rob Clark

Rob Clark has joined the OnePoint team as Managing Director for OnePoint Management Services

Even in the midst of this Global Pandemic, OnePoint Partners has been focused on how it continues to evolve and expand its capabilities to better serve our clients and the senior living + care industry.  A major part of our work in 2020 has been the intentional expansion of our management and operations capabilities. We believe this expansion allows us to provide another tier of solutions for our clients in the same mold that has set OnePoint apart.

To take this exciting step, we are very pleased to announce that Rob Clark has joined the OnePoint team as Managing Director for OnePoint Management Services (OPMS).  Rob has deep experience within operations of senior living and care, and a diverse background that includes extensive work for both industry-leading for-profit and not-for-profit providers.  This background has enabled Rob to experience firsthand a variety of products, situations, and solutions and develop a skill set and breadth of proficiency that is difficult to replicate.  Rob has overseen the management of portfolios of senior care communities, led the integration and turnaround of underperforming CCRCs, and virtually everything in between.

Furthermore, Rob’s extensive experience has enabled him to identify flawed approaches to operations. Most importantly, he shares the passion that already exists at OnePoint to be disruptive to a flawed status quo and figure out how to do things better, and in a way that is more meaningful and impactful.  And we know that his authenticity and approachable manner will be appreciated by our current and future clients and partners.

Altogether, it makes Rob the ideal candidate to help lead the growth and evolution of OPMS and ensure that it is built it in a way that is consistent with our philosophy of taking best practices and approaches from both the for and non-profit sectors and help our clients to get it right and for the right reasons.

You may reach Rob directly at the contact info below, also attached as an Outlook Card.  Join us in welcoming Rob to the OnePoint team, and stay safe and sane!

Rob Clark
Managing Director – Management Services

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