Working together with our clients, we find the best pathway to reach, meet, and exceed their goals.


Working together with our clients, we find the best pathway to reach, meet, and exceed their goals.

OnePoint’s systematic approach allows us to develop the most effective and sustainable assumptions, financial model(s), and project pathway for each client.

Through this approach, we cater to a specific organization’s unique situation, position, and requirements.

Full-service development advisory
Once a plan and strategy have been determined, we act on it. OnePoint brings it to life. Our expertise is integrated into the Informing process well before we reach execution, thus ensuring that our development strategy is built on sound assumptions and includes the realities of likely project execution pathways.

The OnePoint approach involves:

  • A skilled team powered by a vast understanding of the development and construction environment
  • Development of realistic, well-informed assumptions on project costs with the help of our close working relationships with vendors and our clients.
  • Knowledge of the intricacies of specific capabilities necessary for a given project team

Erik Dalen, Founding Partner of One Point Partners, leads our adept team. The experience of our team runs deep, including former architects with extensive hands-on background in design, as well as project and construction management. Our team has been the vendors, and thus we understand how to best manage the process of integrating them and their expertise into each project. Each development process is highly detailed and backed by the breadth and quality of our expertise.

Our approach to planning, development, and construction emphasizes efficiency in action and giving control of the process to our clients. We manage the entire process and project execution team.  We are transparent through the whole process, providing our clients with frequent touch points and comprehensive reporting about project details and development.

When working with us, you will find that our entire OnePoint team collaborates on development projects. Working together maximizes our continuity. Our key to problem solving is constant communication and collaboration when a challenge arises. This multi-perspective approach creates the most well-rounded outcome — by maximizing efficiency, shortening duration when possible, and controlling costs.

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